We also participate in a variety of ways with Fayette Cares, a local ministry in Fayette County that ministers to those in need.

This ministry supplies various daily use items and financial donations to senior adults living in apartments partially funded through Wesley Senior Ministries. 

Our congregation donates everyday items needed, personal items, non-perishable foods, puzzles and craft items, We also participate in the annual fundraising golf tournament.

What are Zackpacks?
-2-gallon Ziploc bags filled with single serving food items to last 2 days that are distributed to underfed children in Fayette County elementary schools on Friday.

Where did the name 'Zackpacks' come from?
-A Hickory Withe Baptist Church member was working in Fayette County elementary school and noticed a child named Zack who was very lethargic and tired. His family was poor and not able to provide enough food for him. He was very smart, but had a hard time focusing on his schoolwork because he was hungry.

How are Zackpacks funded?
-Quarterly community breakfasts hosted by Hickory Withe Baptist Church.

​Who receives Backpacks?
-Zackpacks are placed in the backpacks of children whose teacher/school staff suspect are underfed. Packs are placed on Fridays so children have food for the weekend when school breakfasts and lunches are not provided.
-Fayette County Schools served: Oakland Elementary, Southwest Elementary, Buckley-

We participate in the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. You can follow our team's activity by clicking here.

Our Prayer Shawl Ministry is very active. We make prayer shawls to send to people who are going through difficult times. We also make cancer caps for patients at St. Jude's and other hospitals in the Memphis area. They group meets on the first Monday of each month at 1:00 pm

We are collecting spare change for Hannah's Hope.

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